Next-Gen Machine Learning for Any Industry

vumastAR is a powerful next-gen machine learning application that uses the power of AI to master any process or subject in any industry. Once vumastAR is trained, it can be employed on near any smart device, AR glasses, or IP camera to deliver invaluable insights in real time. Whether its assembly line packaging, electronics work, safety protocol, or training and development, vumastAR will empower your team to make well-informed decisions swiftly, boosting
productivity and accuracy across all levels of your organization.

Tablet/Smart Phone

Tablet / Smartphone

When employed through mobile devices, vumastAR empowers users with an easy-to-use, portable vision system, ultimately enhancing work performance and reducing human error, all while ensuring peak efficiency.

AR Glasses

AR Glasses

vumastAR harnesses the complete potential of smart glasses technology via machine vision, empowering frontline teams with immersive, interactive, and efficient training experiences that enhance skill development and contribute to overall success.

IP Camera

IP Camera

When paired with IP Cameras vumastAR allows businesses to conduct remote monitoring of their operations or facilities through the utilization of AI-driven augmented reality technology. This, in turn, contributes to an enhancement in the safety and security of both assets and personnel.

Next-Gen Machine Learning on Nearly Any Device


vumastAR works with your existing infrastructure. Any modern device, including smart phones, tablets, AR glasses, and
IP camera can run vumastAR. No specialized hardware or extensive training is required.

With hands-free operation and intuitive voice command control, vumastAR elevates on-the-job training and upskilling. It enables real-time assistance and effective collaboration, making it possible to train personnel for specific tasks without the trainer’s physical presence, to minimize mistakes across the board, and to make sensitive processes safer.


SOP Validation
Whether its machine setting, cable wiring or maintenance checks, confirm frontline staff follows SOP with precision.
Optical Character Recognition
Streamline identifying, reading, and recording characters, numbers, and text. For example, read meters, identify part numbers, or record labels.

Quality/Safety Inspection

Identify defects in real-time and uphold safety standards in all industries. Or, identify objects at retail checkout, while packing orders, and more.
Object Counting
Perform instant counting on parts in an inventory, assembly kits, or for any object you need to precisely count.

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vumastAR Specifications

Inferencing IPC

OS: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS (Desktop Version)

CPU: Min. Intel Core i5 / Recommended: Intel Core i7

GPU: Min: NVIDIA (VRAM: 6GB) with GPU Compute Capability 6.1

RAM: Min. 16 GB / Recommended: 32 GB

SSD: Min. 128GB / Recommended 500 GB

Training IPC

OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)

CPU: Min. Intel Core i5 / Recommended: Intel Core i7

GPU: Min: NVIDIA (VRAM: 8GB) with GPU Compute Capability 6.1

Recommended: NVIDIA Graphics Card VRAM 16GB with GPU Compute Capability

RAM: Min. 16 GB / Recommended: 32 GB

SSD: Min. 128GB / Recommended 500 GB

Wireless connection supported

4G LTE, 5G, WiFi 6

Supported devices

Tablet/Phone: Requires Android Version Min: 8.0 / Recommended:11.0

Surveillance camera: RTSP Protocol

AR Glasses Supported Brands

RealWear / Rokid / Epson

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