As more and more cities migrate into smart cities, light poles are becoming more important as they are needed everywhere.

Light poles have turned into Smart Poles to bring extra capability for city development.  ​

Smart poles play an important role as one of the IoT infrastructures in a smart city. It can be equipped with 5G antennas, environmental sensors, cameras, etc

Smart poles can become a data collecting unit by using data analytics using our IvedaAI platform.

Utilus is our smart pole solution, utilizing our Cerebro IoT platform. This completes our digital transformation solution crucial in smart city deployments as well as in large organizations.

Our smart pole offering is also ideal for government or large scale city deployments

  • Supporting and Improving City Services
  • Reducing Emergency Response Times
  • Crime & Hazard Protection
  • Monitoring and Improving Air Quality
  • Sound Detection
  • Traffic Monitoring and Mobility as a Service
  • Data Analytics and Monetization Opportunities


LED Lighting w/ Light Sensor

5G Antennas

Outdoor WiFi Access Point

IP Cameras
(Wide view, LPR)

Smart Power
(power management module)

Environment detector 
(Temperature, Air Pressure, Wind Speed, Rainfall)

Drone + Drone Charging Platform


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