Temperature Detection System

The Coronavirus COVID-19 has raised havoc worldwide and is currently one of the most pervasive challenges we are facing. We must employ every tool available to prevent the virus from further spreading. Iveda offers technologies to quickly detect individuals with fever symptoms for further testing. This is a powerful early-detection tool to save lives and prevent widespread of the virus.

Iveda offers two plug-and-play Body Temperature Detection Systems. FEVA is portable and easy to set up, ideal for small businesses. IvedaAI is our AI-based system that combines temperature detection with facial recognition for a more robust solution.

FEVA Rapid Smart Body Temperature

The solution includes Z-5010 thermal camera and FEVA-500 NVR. Our Z-5010 has dual lens for visual and thermal imaging in one housing. FEVA is a plug-and-play and portable solution. It can be set up within minutes at commercial buildings, hospitals, airports, cruise ships, schools, and government buildings. Other applications include restaurants, warehouses, construction sites, grocery and retail stores. It is also ideal for temporary set up such as at trade shows and large indoor public events. FEVA helps maintain social distancing by reducing the number of personnel manually taking people’s temperature using a hand-held thermometer. This also reduces cost and risk of spreading viruses.

  • Significantly lower cost compared to most systems
  • Specially designed for body temperature test, with +0.5°C temperature accuracy
  • Dual imaging (visual / thermal view), reduces labor costs
  • A.I. auto capture and alarm fever targets
  • A.I. filters out hot meals/drinks, reducing false alarms
  • Includes video storage and playback for tracking
  • 100% Made in Taiwan
  • Designed for long-term use
  • A.I.-TDNR (A.I. Temperature Digital Noise Reduction) technology patent
  • Temperature-compensated for different areas
  • Dimension: L=4.72″ (120mm), W=4.72″ (120mm), H=.98″ (25mm)
  • Processor: Embedded MIPS24KEc (575/580 MHz) with 64 KB I-Cache and 32 KB D-Cache
  • RAM: 64MB DDR2
  • EMMC: 16 MB
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11b/g/n 1T1R 2.4GHz with 150Mbps PHY data rate
  • Zigbee: IEEE 802.15.4 Compliant
  • 1 x USB 2.0 Host
  • Power: 5V DC

IvedaAI Appliance with Video Analytics

vedaAI Temperature Detection System is ideal for government and enterprise solution. IvedaAI integrates with thermal cameras to receive thermographic images of individuals. With thermal cameras, IvedaAI automatically detects the face of the person and obtains the temperature reading of the facial region. By comparing this temperature reading to a preset threshold (customized according to CDC-determined values for each infection), IvedaAI can determine if the person has a fever with up to 95% accuracy. It then sends a real-time notification (email, mobile app, etc.) to the appropriate personnel for immediate attention. Simultaneously, IvedaAI Face Recognition is triggered to match the person’s image to an existing database (e.g., employee list) if available to provide more information about the potential infected person.

  • Plug-and-play system, easy setup within 1 hour,
  • Seamless integration with any camera and most popular VMS
  • High-accuracy, high-speed detection (alerts within 3 seconds)
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Thermal camera with ~0.05°C (~0.09°F) sensitivity and spectral range ~7.5-13 mm;
  • Calibrated to measure in the range of 35-40°C (~95-104°F)
  • ONVIF IP camera for face detection (min. 100px per face)
  • On-premise local network

For information on IvedaAI’s complete Public Health Video Analytics, click here.

IvedaAI Temperature Detection with Facial Recognition

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