Safety, Security, Energy Efficiency, Environment Preservation

The world is rapidly changing, and there’s a need for digital transformation

Throughout the years, Iveda has remained true to cloud computing as the core principle for all our technologies. From cloud video surveillance, to intelligent video search and now Internet of Things (IoT).

As our cloud technology evolved, we developed an IoT platform that has practical application for every segment of the society. We have taken advantage of the proliferation of the smartphone and Wi-Fi, broadband being readily available and affordable, and devices getting cheaper.

IoT is simply connecting devices to the Internet, but the key is centrally managing the myriad of devices in disparate geographic locations. This is what Iveda brings to the table. Our IoT technology is not mere sensors and devices. Our edge-computing gateway serves as the conduit to sensors and devices in any given area. The gateway is equipped with high-level communication protocols such as Zigbee, WiFi, Bluetooth, Z wave, and USB. The gateway then connects to the Internet via Ethernet or cellular data network with dual SIM capability.

We provide an IoT Command Center that enables centralized IoT device management and push digital services on a massive scale.

Command Center Capabilities

  • Enroll and manage users
  • Administration of AI microservices
  • Organizational instances of the IoT Service
  • Real-time visibility to devices
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Communications to users, groups, organizations, buildings, campuses and more
  • Dashboard reporting and custom analytics


Security system that learns

  • False alarm learning and elimination
  • Lighting that learns
  • Predictive maintenance for administrators
  • 24/7 Professional monitoring

Bot-driven negotiations save energy and maximize comfort.

  • Bots negotiate to balance comfort
  • Learns comfort preferences
  • Bot-enabled Demand Response
  • ‘Gamification’ with points and rewards

Providing services to seniors and their caregivers.

  • Bots-enabled ambient fall detection
  • Medication adherence montoring
  • Sharing is caring with photos, videos and music

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