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surveillance-firm-moves-into-fiesta-district-towerDavid Ly’s surveillance cameras are seeing more than ever before.


Iveda Solutions, a network camera and remote real-time surveillance company, serves more than 24 companies, mostly in Arizona, California and Texas. Many of thise companies also use the real-time surveillance at their locations nationwide. Other customers include local public safety agencies including those in Glendale, Florence and Mesa.


The average cost to use a system is $2 per hour, per camera, Ly said.


He said he chose to stay in Mesa because that’s where the company started almost five years ago, formerly known as IntelaSight. The company is moving to one of the few fiber-optic buildings in Mesa that offers a large Internet bandwidth, a requirement for its watchdog services.


Ly, who is president and chief executive officer of the company, said the high-rise building also gives Iveda Solutions room to expand.


Ly plans to double the 25-person workforce this quarter. He said the new jobs will include sales, marketing, network engineers and information technology support. Ly said the ongoing expansion is a gradual process and the company is looking now for qualified candidates.


“We have stayed in Mesa because we believe in Mesa’s future and its capacity to host new innovation and technological advancements,” he said.


It’s also a plus, for Mesa’s redeveloping Fiesta District, according to Patrick Murphy, a senior town center development specialist for Mesa.


“It’s a great example of an up-and-coming company expanding here in Mesa,” Murphy said “We’re pretty excited about the company moving into the financial plaza. That’s going to contribute to our efforts in the Fiesta District.”


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