Smart Utility Cabinet

The Smart Utility Cabinet has an internal environment control design, housed in a durable industrial-grade cabinet. It includes a smart edge computing gateway with multi-RF communication protocols such as 4G, Z-Wave and WiFi and tampering sensor for unauthorized access. Smart water meter and gas meter may be added to the Cabinet.

Typically, the service providers’ responsibility ends at the demarcation point. If there is an issue, it is very difficult for the end user to troubleshoot on their own or call for service or repairs. Iveda’s Smart Utility Cabinet is designed not just as a communication DEMARC, but also for other utilities such as power, gas and water leveraging IoT sensors that communicate with the Cabinet’s edge computing gateway.

Iveda Smart Utility DX Solution enables the next generation utility operator beyond traditional utility service providers. Municipal and government entities may be the new breed of service providers to provide a unique digital experience in public safety, human health services, transportation efficiency and green environment.

It provides advanced functionality at the demarcation point and allows both the end user and the service provider to benefit from a number of ways including:

  • Protection and Security: Layers of protection can be added to the network at the demarcation point through various security protocols with remote push updates as necessary
  • Fault Propagation: Link failures can be detected and traffic can be rerouted accordingly. Also, failure alerts can be sent in either direction on the network (end user and service provider)
  • AI Backend: Management and control of utility features can be accessed via the Smart Utility Cabinet’s communication gateways through a local network or cloud service for energy management, security, and automated response to certain alerts and triggers

The Smart Utility Cabinet is similar to DEMARC for traditional telephone’s Remote Terminal or broadband’s Integrated Device (IAD) or power panels for electricity.

The Smart Utility Cabinet provides a new and better experience by giving end users a convenient tool to monitor their daily energy consumption for energy cost savings and to pinpoint electrical leaks to prevent power line overload and potential fire. It utilizes IoT sensors to detect abnormalities in consumption, temperature and tampering.

Home builders, construction companies, electrical/engineering contractors and systems integrators are Iveda’s target market for the Smart Utility Cabinet. Through Iveda’s channel partner, a builder in Texas is working on a proof-of-concept deployment with an international organization of nations.

For end user application, the Cabinet is ideal for homeowners, property managers, landlords and private home renters on AirBnB or VRBO to remotely manage and monitor utility consumption of their properties.

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