SITE and Iveda Solutions Partner for Building Security


Mesa, AZ/USA – October 17, 2007Systems Installation & Technical Engineering Inc., dba SITE, announces their partnership for the building industry in Arizona with the Mesa based company Iveda Solutions (formerly IntelaSight); expanding their capabilities and services with closed circuit television over Internet protocol (CCTV over IP) and real-time video surveillance.

Michael Bunting, owner of SITE said “Our partnership with Iveda is very exciting because it provides us with the next-step generation of security services and big savings regarding loss prevention cost for our clients.”

Rising concerns in the construction industry have generated the upgrading of security systems and loss prevention procedures, creating the increased use of CCTV and DVR’s in their businesses; but now these limited systems have a new ally to rely on, making them a truly state-of-the-art system.

“Leveraging SITE’s experience in the home-building/construction industry, we are given the opportunity to service this market and provide more effective security to this heavily crime-laden industry,” said David Ly, President and CEO of Iveda Solutions.

This 21st century system was developed for security surveillance of remote facilities and widely dispersed properties such as construction sites, border patrol, agriculture, port authorities, law enforcement, and utility facilities anywhere without geographical boundaries.

Real-time, video surveillance applied to CCTV systems works with most existing video cameras and gives businesses many tools and benefits for actively stopping crime with real-time verification that is instantly accessible via the Internet and mobile devices. It provides instant verification of a potential theft in progress, voice over IP audio warnings, and live communication with law enforcement. Moreover, it can be completely self-powered for continuous operation without the need for electricity and is suitable for wireless Internet connectivity such as Wi-Fi, cellular, or satellite.

“We are excited to partner with SITE for them to be able to offer a new breed of effective real-time security, to their builders and residential customers, utilizing technology and human interaction,” added Ly.

SITE will officially launch its new service offering powered by Iveda Solutions at the Southwest Home Builders Show, October 23, 2007 at the Phoenix Civic Plaza. Attendees will get their first look at this new security solution.

With the roll out of “SITE Inc. powered by Iveda Solutions,” businesses large and small are now able to take control and operate with confidence that their security systems, onsite guards and facilities are totally protected by live intervention specialists.

For more information about SITE’s commercial and residential technology, now including CCTV over IP with live monitoring, call 480-854-SITE (7483) or visit

About SITE, Inc.

SITE, a technology based company in the valley since 1999, has provided its residential and commercial clientele with products and services encompassing telecom & data wiring, audio, security, lighting control, display devices, and CCTV. They have received state field training grants for two consecutive terms and have been honored with multiple low-voltage industry awards from fast business growth to best logo design.

About Iveda Solutions

Iveda Solutions (formerly IntelaSight), specializes in real-time Internet-based video surveillance services, using a combination of network cameras, a secure data center, and intervention specialists. This proactive versus after-the-fact security solution, monitors facilities live, analyzes, and proactively responds to situations in real-time. The human intervention behind the technology makes the difference. Iveda Solutions utilizes Iveda DSR™, a proprietary reporting system that provides customers a detailed daily report of events.

For more information contact:

Michael Bunting
3960 E. Palm Lane, Building #5
Mesa, AZ 85215
PH: 480-854-SITE (7483)

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