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When Mesa-based Iveda Solutions met American Security and Investigations of St. Paul, Minn., it was like love at first sight.


The two companies formed a partnership – American Security, powered by Iveda Solutions – in August to offer real-time Internet camera surveillance for businesses, with remote access to cameras worldwide, something neither of them could have done alone.


“For clients, the benefit is simple,” said Steven J. Klein, president and chief operating officer for American Security and Investigations, which has provided security, investigative and consulting services since 1959. “Our partnership services deliver instant verification of a theft in progress, voice-over audio warnings, and live communication with law enforcement.”


Figuring out how the two companies could best work together took some doing, however.


The two met through an industry consultant, Timothy Kingsley, who has since become director of special projects and government affairs for American Security.


He was working with another Minnesota company when he learned of Iveda Solutions and introduced the company to American Security.


“We realized Iveda Solutions was operating with the same corporate principle as us: Make communities safer and figure out a way to work with law enforcement in the process,” Klein said. “In other words, we liked their technical solutions but also loved their corporate mission, which like ours, is grounded in community solutions.”


The end result is a business that can bring more to customers, he said.


“We’re providing our end-users with more effective and efficient services by leveraging and combining our core competences,” said David Ly, president and chief executive officer of 5-year-old Iveda Solutions.


Access Issues


American Security, the largest independently owned security company in the Midwest, had been exploring an expansion of their Internet protocol security solutions, IP CCTV and real-time video monitoring for some time, but problems with access had proven to be a huge barrier. In most cases, such systems run through closed-circuit televisions with proprietary software, passwords and firewalls, so multiple agencies can’t tap into them.


Through the new partnership, the Iveda Solutions data center hosts the video, allowing multiple users to access a single camera or many cameras simultaneously.


This allows the companies to expand their client bases and enhance their services to existing customers.


“Inquiries from customers and prospective customers needing this service were coming in the door, but the possibility was hindered by proprietary viewing software of existing systems.” Klein said, “Iveda had the solution, and others simply did not.”


The centralized IP video platform the system uses allows guards to walk properties with mobile monitoring systems and know immediately when a breach has occurred. They can call police and describe how many people are trying to break in, whether they’re armed and what kind of response they recommend.


The solution lets information stream in real time to police and other responding agencies, most of whom have Internet capabilities in their patrol cars.


“Our hosted IP platform provides customers a plug-and-play solution without all the costs and complexities from a self-managed system,” Ly said. “And most importantly, our services catch the crooks and criminals in the act with clarity – and not just a video you watch after the damage has been done and the bad guys got away.”


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