IvedaAI Pilot in Charter School and Banking and Law Enforcement in Mexico


MESA, Ariz. (December 31, 2018)Iveda® (OTCMKTS:IVDA), worldwide enabler of cloud-based video surveillance and data management through the licensing of its Sentir® platform, today announced two pilot programs for its IvedaAI video analytics product in Arizona and Mexico.

Guardian One, Iveda’s partner in Arizona, placed its first order for a 16-channel IvedaAI appliance with built-in analytics for object search, face search, face recognition, intrusion detection, weapon detection and fire detection for one of their charter school customers in Arizona. The school will apply intelligence to their existing DVR camera system to improve overall security and safety on campus with more active alerts of relevant events.

“IvedaAI’s ease of integration with our existing video surveillance system and the ease of use for such an advanced video analytics technology amaze me,” said Tim Creviston, Chief Technology Officer of Guardian One.

Mass shootings in schools have dominated the news throughout the country in the last few months. IvedaAI can help identify expelled students, sex offenders, dangerous parents and other known troublemakers that are not supposed to be on campus and can alert school administration and police of their presence.

The weapon detection feature of IvedaAI with its face search and face recognition features are crucial in early detection of potential mass shootings at schools.

Similarly, in an active shooting scenario, IvedaAI’s search function can help locate a perpetrator with great accuracy by using surveillance cameras on campus and by, for instance, searching for a particular person in a certain color of shirt with a backpack or other items the suspect may be seen carrying. Early detection can help deter a mass shooting and reduce the number of victims.

IvedaAI’s object search function can also help locate a student or lost objects such as laptops or bicycles.

IvedaAI’s intrusion detection feature can better provide perimeter protection (virtual fencing) throughout the campus for unauthorized parking and loitering.

“I’ve seen many video analytics products, but none demonstrated the same accuracy and speed of searching. It is also very affordable and simple to operate,” said Creviston.

“We look forward to a successful pilot so that we can roll out the technology to more schools throughout Arizona and other states,” said David Ly, CEO of Iveda.

Iveda also received an order from The Cabe Company, Iveda’s partner with banking and law enforcement customers in Mexico.

For the banking sector, IvedaAI’s face recognition feature can work as a means of access control to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to bank vaults and other sensitive areas. It can also validate identity at ATMs. IvedaAI can be used to make sure that individuals using ATM cards are the rightful owner of the card. The particular bank customer of The Cabe Company has more than 1,300 branches and several thousand ATMs throughout Mexico. Upon a successful pilot, Iveda can potentially place several IvedaAI appliances at some of these branches and ATM locations.

The Cabe Company will conduct another pilot program for a law enforcement agency around the Yucatan Peninsula, one of the most visited parts of Mexico. IvedaAI can be used to instantly identify when known shoplifters, organized retail criminals or people with a history of fraud, enter retail establishments. Photographs of individuals can be matched against large databases of criminals so that loss prevention and retail security professionals can be notified instantly to prevent a threat.

IvedaAI’s face recognition feature can be used to find missing children and victims of human trafficking. When missing individuals are added to a database, law enforcement can be alerted as soon as cameras detect their faces at airports, bus stations, retail stores or other public spaces.

IvedaAI mobile app can help police officers instantly identify individuals in the field from a safe distance. This can help by giving them contextual data that tells them who they are dealing with and if they need to proceed with caution. For example, if a police officer pulls over a wanted murderer at a routine traffic stop, the officer could instantly run IvedaAI weapon detection feature to see if the suspect is armed.

IvedaAI can assist in forensic investigations by automatically recognizing individuals in security footage or other videos. It can also be used to identify dead or unconscious individuals at crime scenes. The same system can help police get alerts when a gun is detected in public cameras where weapons are not allowed. License plate recognition and search will assist with stolen vehicle search. Because IvedaAI is highly scalable, affordable and can work with almost all existing infrastructure, it is a fast and efficient technology to deploy.

“Feedback on IvedaAI is tremendous with our customers in the banking industry and law enforcement. We look forward to a successful pilot and will continue to deploy IvedaAI on a large scale within these two sectors,” said Armando Canseco, President of The Cabe Company.

IvedaAI was designed for mainstream application to save time and labor and to enhance security. IvedaAI will improve efficiency and enhance awareness within both business and government.

Iveda is positioned to share in the growing global video analytics market valued at $2.7 billion in 2016 and is estimated to reach $13.4 billion by 2023.

“IvedaAI is our entry into a new era of productivity. Organizations and law enforcement require more efficient and effective ways to process and navigate massive data already collected and turn them into actionable information,” said Ly.


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