IvedaAI™ Forensics Desk

Instantly Unlock the Power of Video Intelligence

In today’s rapidly evolving world, having the ability to rapidly search through any kind of footage brought in is essential. With IvedaAI™ Forensics Desk’s Intelligent Video Search, you can unlock valuable insights, enhance security, and
streamline operations like never before.


Seamless Integration

Effortlessly upload and analyze videos from various sources such as SD cards, flash drives,
DVDs, mobile phones, and external HDDs.

World’s Fastest Real-Time Search
Effortlessly search through vast amounts of video data in seconds with an intuitive, natural language interface.

Facial Recognition

Detect faces, emotions, and age/gender.
License Plate Recognition
Combine full or partial license plates with make and model for accurate vehicle identification.
Target Object Search
Combine full or partial license plates with make and model for accurate vehicle identification.
Compact Design
Combine full or partial license plates with make and model for accurate vehicle identification.

Save Time and Money

Accurate Results in Seconds

Portable & Accessible

Facial Recognition
  • Detect faces automatically from IP cameras or user-uploaded videos/images
  • Detect multiple faces simultaneously in one video/images
  • Enable quick search for missing person across multiple cameras
  • Locate people within seconds from uploaded photo/video
  • Comply with privacy laws by not saving/requiring any ID information
  • Compare an uploaded face with a pre-configured face database and display similarity levels
  • Detect Approximate age range and gender
  • Common use cases: locating missing person in shopping center, locating suspects on school campus
License Plate Recognition
  • Capture and read license plates at a slight angle (~20 degrees, not completely facing cameras)
  • Match detected license plates automatically with saved lists
  • Search for partial license plate number (i.e., enter any characters in license plates to search for potential matches in the databasep
  • Support three modes for different applications with different resource usage:
    • Parking Lot
    • City Road
    • Highway
  • Vehicle search based on type and color
  • Upload multiple blacklists / whitelists
Object Tracking
  • Count objects
  • Common use cases: traffic insights, inventory management, supply chain management

Case Study

Empowering Neighborhood Policing with IvedaAI™ Forensics Desk

In the bustling neighborhoods of the Philippines, local police units face the challenge of efficiently analyzing vast amounts of video footage to solve crimes. With tourists and locals frequently capturing incidents on their cell phones, the need for a rapid and reliable video analysis tool became paramount.

The Solution: IvedaAI™ Forensics Desk

When a crime occurs, community members can bring their cell phones to the neighborhood police station. Using the IvedaAI™ Forensics Desk, officers can seamlessly connect the phones and upload the footage. The powerful AI video analytics engine then goes to work, performing real-time searches to identify faces, recognize license plates, and detect objects of interest.

Real-World Impact

Imagine a theft occurring at a busy market. Bystanders record the event on their phones and bring the footage to the police. Using the IvedaAI™ Forensics Desk, officers quickly analyze the video, identifying the suspect’s face and vehicle within minutes. This leads to the swift apprehension of the thief and the recovery of stolen goods.

The IvedaAI™ Forensics Desk has transformed the way local police units handle video evidence, making crime resolution faster and more efficient. Its intuitive interface and lightning-fast search capabilities have enhanced the safety and security of neighborhoods, providing peace of mind to both residents and visitors.

Get IvedaAI™ for Your Station

To learn more about how the IvedaAI™ Forensics Desk can help you unlock valuable insights, enhance security, and streamline operations, contact us today at sales@iveda.com.


Base Appliance

Tower PC with Intel Core i5 CPU, 16GB RAM, 240GB SSD, and NVIDIA High-Performance GPU.


Intel Core i7 Processor, 8GB RAM, 4TB SATA Hard Drive, GT730 2GB Video Card.


Dual 24″ LED monitors, all-in-one card reader, various USB cables.


4G/LTE network router with 8-port gigabit network switch.

Power Management

650VA uninterruptible power supply (UPS), 6-gang surge outlet.

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