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Partnership allows over 500 different types of phones to access Iveda’s hosted video surveillance solutions

The cellular phone continues to change the world of video surveillance, with more and more companies are offering remote access to surveillance cameras via cell phones. Iveda Solutions, a U.S. company that offers managed video as a service (mVaaS), is among the company’s jumping aboard this trend. The company announced today that it is expand the number of cell phones which will be able to access video hosted on the company’s servers.

The company had previously offered remote, cell phone-based access to hosted surveillance video, but the company notes that, “it was only available on a few cell phone models.” Now the company has partnered with software company mobiDEOS to allow even more phones to access video surveillance cameras.

Here’s how it works: mobiDEOS wrote a phone-based software program called MobileCamViewer. It’s the kind of application that can be installed on phones so that they can see camera feeds. The mobiDEOS software can now work with over 500 cell phone models, including ones from Apple (iPhone), BlackBerry, Palm, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and phones running the Windows Mobile operating system. Iveda Solutions estimates that means it works with 95 percent of cell phones being sold today. With MobileCamViewer installed, the phone user, assuming they have permission to control and access a camera, can not only view live video in real-time, but if they have the rights and the camera is compatible, the system will even allow control of PTZ cameras. By working through Iveda Solutions, the customer logs in once, rather than logging in individually to dozens or even hundreds of cameras he or she might have access to as a director of security.

The functionality will be offered to hosted video surveillance customers of Iveda Solutions. More information is available from Iveda Solutions, www.ivedasolutions.com. Details on mobiDEOS’ MobileCamViewer technology is available at www.mobideos.com.

Geoff Kohl, Editor-In-Chief

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