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Iveda Solutions announced recently its partnership with mobiDEOS. The partnership will enable more than 500 cell phone models including but not limited to iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, and Sony Ericsson, to have centralized live video access to hosted cameras.

Although Iveda Solutions has been offering cell phone video access as part of its video hosting service prior to its partnership with mobiDEOS, it was only available on a few cell phone models. With mobiDEOS’ MobileCamViewer application, about 95 percent of cell phones on the market today can be enabled for live video surveillance.

“As technology moves us all into a more accessible world of information on demand, real-time video access should be just as easy,” says David Ly, president and CEO of Iveda Solutions.

MobileCamViewer is custom built to the operating system of a mobile device, rich with features including full control of PTZ (pan tilt zoom) cameras. Iveda Solutions is MobiDEOS’ first and only hosted platform where customer access is truly via cloud computing (not directly tapping into a camera, DVR, or NVR). The advantage is that mobile customers, via Iveda Solutions video hosting platform, can access all their cameras connected to the Internet around the world with one login, not multiple logins to however many cameras or DVRs/NVRs the user has. Multiple users can also have simultaneous access to the same cameras without degradation of video quality.

“It is our pleasure to work with Iveda Solutions, who offer complementary service to MobileCamViewer,” said Sri Palasamudram, CEO of mobiDEOS. “The combined applications provide a very compelling end-to-end solution for business or government entities, offering ease of use, increased security, and convenient remote video surveillance.”

MobileCamViewer is very easy to set up and within minutes the user can start viewing hosted cameras on their cell phone. The application works by resizing a video stream from a hosted camera, sending it to the cell phone in the reformatted screen size appropriate for that cell phone model. Ideal for business surveillance use, the application stores up to 25 cameras and can be accessed individually or by groups using a drop-down menu.

Law enforcement can also benefit from this application. Police officers can practically access any camera throughout their jurisdiction via their smart phones if cameras are hosted by Iveda Solutions.

“The solution enhances situational awareness, business intelligence, and reduces response times with high ROI,” Palasamudram said.

The partnership adds an important functionality to Iveda Solutions’ managed video hosting service that benefits its customers by providing them the convenience of accessing multiple critical cameras from practically anywhere without having to wait to get to a computer.

mobiDEOS’ cellular applications’ expertise provides Iveda Solutions the medium to deliver managed video to its customers literally in the palm of their hands wherever they are in the world.

“I’m excited to be working with MobiDEOS as we proceed to develop and provide video surveillance services that continue to save people time and money while enhancing safety and security,” Ly said.

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