Iveda Solutions Expands, Remains in Mesa


Mesa, AZ (February 25, 2008) – Iveda Solutions has moved its headquarters from anoffice building in downtown Mesa to Mesa Financial Plaza, also referred to as the Bankof America Building. Towering over the skyline of Mesa, it is hard to miss, because it is the only high-rise building in Mesa. It is located at 1201 S. Alma School Road, on the corner of Southern.

“We have strategically chosen the Mesa Financial Plaza for our planned exponential growth. We can expand within the building and won’t have to relocate in the foreseeable future. The building can readily handle future requirements for significantly greater bandwidth, which is of paramount importance in our operation,” said Luz Berg,Senior Vice President of Operations and Marketing.

Iveda Solutions chose the Mesa Financial Plaza because it is one of very few buildingsin Mesa equipped with fiber optics, which is crucial to the company’s operation.Although the company could have chosen to locate in one of Mesa’s more popularneighboring cities with more choices of high-rises with fiber optics, they chose to remainin Mesa where they started their humble beginning back in 2005. Iveda Solutions rentedtwo small suites at the same Mesa address for about a year, before expansion dictatedmoving to One North Macdonald for larger office space.

“We have stayed in Mesa because we believe in Mesa’s future and its capacity to hostnew innovation and technological advancements,” said David Ly, President and CEO ofIveda Solutions.

“We have also made friends here and we want to continue supporting the city. We willcontinue to contribute to the Mesa community, to advocate for sensible economicgrowth, and to help make Mesa a model city where people can work, play, and live withconfidence,” added Ly.

Iveda Solutions is an innovative company, offering a unique and cost-effective securitysolution for the public and private sectors. The company offers real-time videomonitoring of security cameras. Its Intervention Specialists monitor cameras live via theInternet, without waiting for an alarm to be triggered. They are always watching, thusthey are able to react in real time, to prevent crimes, and call the police if necessary.This is a proactive security solution versus after-the-fact investigation.

About Iveda Solutions

Iveda Solutions (formerly IntelaSight), specializes in providing integrated securityservices using a combination of network cameras, real-time Internet-based surveillance,and highly trained intervention specialists. Iveda Solutions’ goal has been to transformthe staid security/surveillance field into a state-of-the-art, technology-driven industry byoffering the unique security solution of real-time IP video surveillance. Iveda Solutions isbased in Mesa, AZ. For more information, call 480-307-8700 or visit www.ivedasolutions.com.


Luz A. BergIveda Solutions
Chief Operating Officer & CMO
Phone: 480 307-8700
Fax: 480 962-1251 

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