Iveda Solutions announces plug & play, portable remote surveillance system.


Mesa, AZ (September 30, 2008) – What do you do when you need video surveillance on a temporary basis for theft and vandalism protection, but do not have any infrastructure that will allow it? This is a question that has long plagued business owners, contractors and city managers. 

As part of a loss mitigation or liability reduction program, many people are turning to video surveillance to minimize theft and damage to their assets. But in order for them to do so, it sometimes requires expensive installation of video cables and recording devices.

Iveda Solutions, a company based in Mesa, Ariz. , has addressed this challenge head on with its introduction of a new product they call the Express Surveillance System (ESS). It is a surveillance camera system that can be put almost anywhere, especially where there is no available network or video connectivity, and can be accessed from an ordinary Internet browser. The unit is designed to be plug & play and ready for deployment in an innumerable variety of applications.

The ESS can be used at such places as construction sites, where walls, buildings and fences are always changing, to protect against theft of tools and building materials. It offers flexibility and can be relocated to suit the most current surveillance needs. With portability and instant operation, it is specifically designed to be a temporary camera or a permanent one. It goes anywhere and is ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Additionally two or more units at vastly different locations can be watched in a single browser window.

Among other things, the ESS contains an IP video camera plus a wireless broadband cellular router which allows video to be watched securely via the Internet. The company indicates that the unit comes preconfigured, ready for immediate use, and is literally plug & play. There is no expensive network wiring required. “After putting in a data card from any cellular carrier, all that someone has to do is plug it into an electrical outlet,” explains David Ly, president and CEO of Iveda Solutions, “and it’s up and running in about 15 seconds. This is really going to change the way people think about their security systems.”

Because of the hosted video infrastructure at the company, cumbersome, locally-placed DVR or NVR devices are not necessary. The Express Surveillance System comes with 1 year of free off-site video hosting; meaning that video from the past 7 days can be stored and reviewed. “That’s where the real value is,” adds Ly. “And if a user wants to get more out of their new security equipment, they can have Iveda Solutions’ Intervention Specialists watch their camera, from a remote site, during any hours of their choosing.” The company offers to watch their customers’ cameras live, and as events unfold, they will assess each situation and apply the appropriate response, whether that means a call to the owner and/or the police.

About Iveda Solutions

Iveda Solutions, specializes in IP video hosting and real-time remote surveillance services, using a combination of Internet-enabled cameras, a secure data center, and intervention specialists. This proactive versus after-the-fact security solution, monitors facilities live, analyzes, and proactively responds to situations in real time. The human intervention behind the technology makes the difference. Iveda Solutions utilizes Iveda DSR™, a proprietary reporting system that provides customers a detailed daily report of events. Iveda Solutions is based in Mesa, AZ. For more information, call 480-307-8700 or visit www.ivedasolutions.com.

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