Iveda Introduces Vemo, 4G Mobile Camera Communications Device


MESA, Ariz. (October 10, 2019)Iveda® (OTCMKTS:IVDA), worldwide provider of IvedaAI video analytics, IoT platform for smart devices and the Sentir® cloud-based video surveillance platform, today announced the introduction of Vemo™, the next-generation multi-purpose mobile camera communications device.

Using 4G, Vemo streams live video to headquarters and doubles as a walkie talkie with a push-to-talk feature. With its multi-mode audio, it can also be used for broadcasting and hands-free audio conferencing for group talk. Vemo has WiFi capability which is ideal for city-wide deployments. This saves the city cellular data cost where WiFi infrastructure exists.

“Vemo came at a perfect time as we are actively engaged in multiple smart city projects that can definitely use it,” said David Ly, CEO of Iveda. “We plan to announce these projects in the very near future.”

Vemo can be used for AI vehicular telematics in smart city deployments with multi-modal transportation hubs for improved mobility throughout the city. It has built-in GPS that plots on a map the exact location of the person or vehicle with the Vemo device, indoor or outdoor.

Iveda is positioning Vemo as more than just a typical body-worn camera for police officers. It has many practical applications beyond law enforcement. For instance, it may be used for remote site surveys and medical, health and safety applications. It may also be used as in-vehicle surveillance for taxi and rideshare services. Vemo is compatible with all GoPro accessories, which is ideal for leisure and extreme sports. Sports enthusiasts can now stream their adventures in real time. Vemo is also waterproof.

Unlike other bodycams, Vemo records video directly to the cloud. Should a Vemo unit gets damaged or lost before the user can return to headquarters, Iveda’s cloud platform ensures the video is preserved. Most bodycams on the market today require the user to return to headquarters to download video to a docking station before it can be uploaded to the cloud for viewing. A small number can stream live video, but they require a Wi-Fi connection to a router or smart phone.

Vemo transmits live streaming video instantaneously to the cloud without additional software or hardware. Vemo’s cloud management platform can centrally manage an unlimited number of devices and video can be accessed on a PC, Android and iOS client.

Vemo uses H.264 compression, which is twice as efficient as other video formats. Image quality is also significantly better, playback is smoother and requires lower bandwidth. Instead of traditional black and white IR at night, Vemo has full color night vision capabilities.

Vemo can function as a body-worn camera or can be mounted to talk to headquarters hands free, without having to reach for a phone or another radio. If necessary, the user can also connect an external camera for simultaneous live streaming and recording.

Vemo improves security, safety and decision making, allowing supervisors to coordinate tactical or emergency response in real time. It can act as virtual partner to the individual wearing it.

Moreover, Vemo can stream directly into the IvedaAI platform for real-time video analytics to search for faces, objects or license plates in real time.

“There is no other body-worn camera on the market today that can match Vemo’s unique capabilities,” said Ly.


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