Iveda Deploys Sentir Platform in Japanese Data Center


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Iveda Deploys Sentir Platform in Japanese Data Center

Mesa, Ariz. (October 27, 2014) – Iveda® (OTCQB: IVDA), a leading enabler of cloud-based video surveillance through its Sentir™ platform, today announced that it has successfully deployed Sentir into the cloud infrastructure of one of the largest data center operators in Japan. The data center will white label Iveda’s innovative video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) to offer customers the ability to record, monitor and store video from any IP-enabled camera anywhere in the world. Iveda expects to recognize licensing revenue from the deployment once the data center officially launches the offering within the next few months.

The milestone marks Iveda’s entry into the fast-growing Japanese market. The Company is partnering with SS Unit, a well-connected security consulting company, to oversee the deployment of Sentir and manage the day-to-day relationship with their data center relationship. SS Unit, in cooperation with the government, security guard industry and construction industry, has been rebuilding infrastructure in preparation for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

“Today’s announcement is just another example of how Iveda is executing on our channel strategy of leveraging our local partners’ longstanding relationships with large enterprises such as telcos, ISPs and data center operators to enter new markets in an efficient, cost-effective way,” said David Ly, CEO and chairman of Iveda. “With licensing agreements in place in Mexico, Philippines and now in Japan, service providers around the world are quickly recognizing the benefits of the Sentir platform.”

The data center conducted market surveys and a rigorous due diligence process, including visiting Iveda management at their booth at the International Security Conference in Las Vegas in April 2014 before selecting Sentir. The data center was attracted to the platform’s scalability, software-defined storage system and true cloud plug-and-play features. The data center chose SS Unit to deliver this new technology because of their longstanding business relationship.

“This is all in preparation for a true cloud Video Surveillance as a Service market launch in Japan,” said Yasunori Uchikado, president of SS Unit. “I look forward to making a joint announcement with our customer as we finalize our plans to market VSaaS in Japan.”

Based in Yokohama, Japan, SS Unit is a total security solution company providing security systems and security consulting services to organizations. The principals of the company have been in the security technology industry and serving large enterprises for many decades.

“We were interested in working with Iveda because of the flexibility of Sentir’s platform, its quick go-to-market strategy and the compelling economics. Because Sentir does not require upfront capital expenditures and charges a licensing fee for each camera activated, Iveda provides immediate positive cash flow to service providers with significant upside,” said Uchikado.

Iveda and SS-Unit have successfully broken into the Japanese market and are seeing strong interest and fast adoption of cloud-based applications in the country – video into the cloud is the next succession.

Data centers in Japan provide more than just hard infrastructure and lease colocation services. They also deploy and market applications to end users, ranging from consumers to enterprises to government entities. They provide data, telecommunications and other managed services.

Sentir will enable cloud management of IP cameras for the home and business, as well as other video applications such as in-car video streaming for municipal busses and law enforcement vehicles and body-worn camera video streaming using 3G and LTE data network.

“The key success factor in Japan is to create value-added services, which VSaaS will do; it will bring huge value to existing services in Japan,” added Uchikado.


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