IntelaSight to Provide Real-Time Video Security Surveillance to Globe-X 2006 Gem & Mineral Show


Mesa, AZ (January 26, 2006) – IntelaSight, Inc. will provide after-hours, real-time video security surveillance to the Globe-X 2006 Gem and Mineral Show, to be held at the Days Inn Motel in Tucson, Arizona from January 28 to February 13. The show is part of the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, one of the world’s largest gem, fossil, and mineral shows, held in February each year. Over 3,500 dealers and 40,000 attendees from around the world participate in this well-known event.

Piyush Patel, owner of Days Inn in Tucson, hired IntelaSight last year to supplement the security patrol services provided by off-duty police officers for the purpose of guarding the exhibits. Mr. Patel was very satisfied with IntelaSight’s state-of-the-art technology and performance last year, so he decided to contract their services again this year.  

With millions of dollars worth of precious gems, thieves are lurking around the exhibits, and extra sets of eyes are necessary to thwart theft and other property crimes. IntelaSight, a local company based in Mesa, Arizona specializes in providing real-time video monitoring services. “IntelaSight provides human intellect and common sense behind the technology, providing customers a more effective, proactive solution to their security demands,” says David Ly, president and CEO of IntelaSight.

IntelaSight installed network cameras in the parking lot and main courtyard of the show’s venue, where most exhibits are and by main entrances and exits. The cameras will be monitored live by IntelaSight’s intervention specialists from their remote monitoring facility in Mesa, Arizona via the Internet.

Mr. Patel took an extra precaution to protect the properties of the show’s exhibitors by hiring IntelaSight. Last year, IntelaSight aided police officers to catch thieves by providing them with live visual verification from IntelaSight’s security cameras. The counter-hopper had an accomplice waiting in a vehicle outside Days Inn. Another security camera captured the escape and IntelaSight was able to aid the police in connecting the crime with the perpetrators using video archive. The perpetrators were later apprehended.

“Every single one of our customers has a common request, “I want them caught, don’t scare them, catch them,” and that’s what IntelaSight delivers,” says Ly.
Providing security to trade shows is another application for this very young and promising company. IntelaSight’s infrastructure is robust and any industry can benefit from utilizing its services. IntelaSight has been making strides in construction, schools, motels, auto lots, golf courses, public storage, retirement communities, and housing developments.

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IntelaSight, Inc. specializes in providing integrated security services using a combination of networked cameras, real-time Internet-based surveillance, and highly trained intervention specialists. IntelaSight goal has been to transform the staid security/surveillance field into a state-of-the-art, technology-driven industry, by offering a unique security solution of real-time IP surveillance. IntelaSight is based in Mesa, AZ. For more information, visit


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