Homeland Security Grants Iveda Solutions Safety Act Designation


Mesa, AZ (April 21, 2009) –  Iveda Solutions has been approved as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology provider under a formal SAFETY Act Designation by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The certification process was no small feat for the emerging security technology firm based in Mesa, Arizona. The Company underwent a rigorous application and selection process and due diligence for eighteen months, which involved the DHS interviewing some of the Company’s current customers.

The good news was personally delivered by Silvia Cabrera, Director of the Office of SAFETY Act Implementation at DHS to David Ly, President and CEO of Iveda Solutions, at the Company’s booth during the International Security Conference (ISC West), held at the beginning of this month in Las Vegas.

“It was a very pleasant surprise and the timing was perfect. We were able to share with the industry that the unique proactive security solution we’ve been offering is not just a proof-of-concept anymore. We’ve been providing this service to our customers since 2005, but it is still a relatively new concept in the way video surveillance is done and should be done in order to be truly effective,” says David Ly.

The SAFETY Act provides important legal liability protections for providers of qualified anti-terrorism technologies, and for customers who use them. The goal of the SAFETY Act, which was passed by Congress as part of the Homeland Security SAFETY Act of 2002, Public Law 107-296, is to encourage providers to develop and deploy new and innovative anti-terrorism products and services by providing risk mitigation and liability protections. Iveda Solutions deploys such technology and services in the form of Real-Time Video Hosting and Remote Surveillance, utilizing a highly-secure data center, state-of-the-art video surveillance facility, the Internet, and human intervention.  The designation also facilitates access to government contracts and various federal agencies.

“I hope that this designation will help us educate the public that there is such a service as ‘real-time’ video surveillance (certified by the DHS) and not just alarm-triggered monitoring. Having this certification recognizes Iveda Solutions as utilizing methodologies that truly work in assisting law enforcement to prevent acts of terrorism” adds Ly.

Iveda Solutions is the first and only company that has received this designation under this category.

“As the mayor of the City of Mesa, I am proud that Iveda Solutions, a Mesa-based company, has garnered this highly coveted Safety Act Designation by the DHS. Having a company right in our own backyard, providing a proactive security solution that is certified and trusted by the DHS, is a big advantage for the city. With all the budget cuts in law enforcement, Iveda Solutions can provide real-time video surveillance in problem areas within the city and provide assistance to our officers in the streets” says Scott Smith, Mayor of Mesa, Arizona.

“The City of Mesa is already utilizing Iveda Solutions’ real-time surveillance services and plans to identify more areas that require critical infrastructure protection,” adds Smith.

Iveda Solutions can serve as a force multiplier for law enforcement or private security at a fraction of the cost of a security guard or a police officer.

While technology may not completely and effectively replace humans, in tough economic times, both the private and the public sectors may have no choice but to cut security personnel to cut costs. But now, these entities don’t have to compromise security. There is an alternative: real-time video surveillance, employing both technology and human analytics, that has been tested and proven and has been working alongside officers in the streets since 2005. For videos of real-life police captures of criminals assisted by Iveda Solutions’ intervention specialists, go to www.ivedasolutions.com.

About Iveda Solutions

Iveda Solutions specializes in real-time Internet-based video surveillance services, using a combination of IP-enabled cameras, a secure data center, a state-of-the-art surveillance facility, and intervention specialists. This proactive versus after-the-fact security solution, monitors facilities live, analyzes, and proactively responds to situations in real-time. The human intervention behind the technology makes the difference. Iveda Solutions utilizes Iveda DSRTM, a proprietary reporting system that provides customers a detailed daily report of events.Iveda Solutions is based in Mesa, AZ. For more information, call 480-307-8700 or visit www.ivedasolutions.com.


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