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Iveda Solutions (OTCBB:IVDA) is an established and innovative company that delivers secure, open source and enterprise-class managed video services by leveraging the power of cloud computing. The company is passionate about espousing cloud-based video surveillance services that ensure the security of individuals, businesses and communities. They have built a solid organization, including and enterprise-class cloud-based video hosting architecture that utilizes robust data centers and allows scalability, flexibility, and centralized video management. As a result, customers are able to remotely access centrally managed live and archived video, without the burden of buying and maintaining software and equipment.

Iveda Solutions is a provider of enterprise-class Video Surveillance as a Service (“VSaaS”). Cloud-hosted video surveillance does not require buying and maintaining DVRs, servers, and software. Its the cloud services consolidate management and access to live and recorded video, from multiple locations. Video can be access 24/7 using a single online dashboard. They address the availability and capacity bandwidth issues by working closely with various broadband providers for remote applications and utilizing local infrastructure when available to support the requirements.

Iveda Solutions is the first and currently the only company, offering real-time IP video hosting and remote surveillance services with a SAFETY Act Designation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Iveda Solutions has held the SAFETY Act Designation since 2009.

Iveda Solutions provide customers with the ability to instantly access from one to thousands of cameras. One of their services is IvedaXpress utilizing Zee Cameras, a Plug & Play Video Surveillance System, which allows multiple cameras to be viewed on a single dashboard on the customer’s computer, tablet or smartphone, wherever they are in the world. This solution is designed especially with consumers and small businesses in mind. Another service is IvedaOnBoard utilizing VEMO, which is the first fully integrated in-vehicle surveillance system streaming live to the cloud using cellular network. Live and recorded video from vehicles is hosted in the cloud, centrally managed and viewed on a sing dashboard.

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