School Safety and Security

Using AI Technology to Increase Security and Efficiency for Students, Teachers and School Administrators

IvedaAI Intelligent Search Technology

IvedaAI makes school’s existing video surveillance system smarter and more functional with intelligent search technology. IvedaAI uses deep learning technology for advanced AI video search, similar to Google for text search. It allows users to search for a combination of objects (100+ types) with multiple colors and quantities in both real-time and recorded videos.

Video Analytics in One Appliance

  • Face Recognition
  • Face Search
  • Weapon Detection
  • Object Search (bicycles, people, laptops, animals)
  • Intrusion Detection Video Analytics in One Appliance

IvedaPinpoint Location-as-a Service

IvedaPinpoint Location-as-a Service is a cloud-based platform that manages people and object trackers, as well as temperature tracker. It is ideal for student and school equipment tracking and temperature monitoring on school campuses

Applications for Schools

  • Perimeter Protection
  • Attendance Checking
  • Loitering and Crowd Management
  • Parking Management
  • Weapon Detection
  • Track Students and Belonging
  • Temperature Monitoring
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