Safe and Smart City

Citywide, Large-Scale, Complex Smart City Deployments
Made Simple and Cost Effective with IvedaAI and IoT Platform
In the last few years, smart city has been a hot topic among cities across the globe. More and more municipalities are using next-generation technologies to improve the safety and security of its citizens.
IvedaAI intelligent video search technology and Iveda’s IoT platform with smart sensors help cities in their digital transformation. Dwindling public safety budgets and resources has necessitated the transformation. With little to no human interaction, technology increases efficiency, expedites decision making, and reduces response time. 

When it comes to smart city projects, Iveda has the know-how, experience, partnerships, and global resources to deploy a true smart city project that is reliable, centrally managed, scalable, and cost effective. Serving our customers and responding to their requirements over the past ten years have allowed us to validate the best of the best in technologies and methodologies. We have projects to reference and our solutions have just gotten better.

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