RV/Motorhome Security

Some luxury motorhomes can cost well over $500,000. Owners opt to pay for these high-end motorhomes to include all the life conveniences while exploring on the road

  • Iveda designed a solution specifically for this industry to protect the owner’s investment and enhance their safety and security.
  • Detect large animals (e.g., bear, wild dogs) before stepping out of the RV
  • Get an alert when intrusion is detected with AI-based intrusion detection or motion sensor
  • Avoid theft of expensive equipment and tools with smart trackers and sensors
  • Remotely access surveillance cameras at all times

Option 1: Smarthome Package

  • Gateway
  • Water Sensors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Environment Sensor

Option 2: IvedaPinpoint Trackers

  • Bluetooth Base Station
  • Type 2 Mini Trackers

Option 3: Video Surveillance Package

  • Outdoor Camera
  • Indoor Camera
  • 4CH NVR

Option 4: IvedaAI Video Analytics

  • Intrusion Detection and Object Search (including certain animals) on 2 cameras. Live alerts, connection to NVR. Searches on live and recorded video

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