COVID-19 Safety Solution

Public Health Analytics – Combatting the spread of COVID-19

The Coronavirus COVID-19 has raised havoc worldwide and is currently one of the most pervasive challenges we are facing. We must employ every tool available to prevent the virus from further spreading. IvedaAI offers video analytics technology to quickly detect individuals with fever symptoms for further testing, assist in implementing social distancing protocols, and implementing wearing of masks in public areas. This is a powerful early-detection tool to save lives and prevent widespread of the virus.

High Temperature Detection

  • Distinguish person with/without mask
  • Real-time alerts for people with/without mask

Social Distancing

  • Real-time alert when two or more people are within 6 ft of one another in lines
  • Robust for indoors, outdoors, low-lighting condition, etc.
  • No false alerts

Mask Detection

  • Temperature measurement & alert
  • Face recognition and person tracking

Occupancy Measurement and Over-Capacity Detection

  • Measure occupancy of an enclosed space in real time
  • Apply AI People Counting to multiple entrances & exits of the enclosed space
  • Display alert when occupancy exceeds the allowed capacity (user inputs threshold)
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