Hospital Asset Tracking

Hospitals have an average of 10 to 15 devices per bed. A small hospital with 300 beds has thousands of assets to manage

Hospital Challenges

  • Experience a 7%-15% shrinkage (loss or theft) of mobile medical equipment
  • Spend an average of $450 or more per bed per year on rentals
  • Waste potentially thousands of hours looking for misplaced equipment
  • Utilization averages only 42%
  • Healthcare is impacted as a result
Source: Claro Enterprise Solutions

Iveda designed a comprehensive asset management solution for Claro which consists of our IvedaAI intelligent search technology, video surveillance system, and IvedaPinpoint trackers and sensors. Our solution supports indoor Geo-fencing to generate alerts when assets enter or leave a defined Geo-fenced area. Our solution is hosted in the cloud and user interface is web-based.

IvedaAI can also help hospitals implement healthy behavior among personnel using its Health AI functions which includes mask, social distancing, temperature and occupancy detection.

IvedaAI AI-based video analytics, leveraging existing video surveillance system. Implement QR Code tagging on critical assets to track movement.

This platform utilizes small trackers and sensors for assets too small or irregular shape for QR code labeling (e.g., wheelchairs).


  • Know where a medical equipment is when you need it most
  • Track movement history
  • Stop personnel waste of time locating medical equipment
  • Increase utilization of mobile devices from 42%
  • Reduce underused Increase medical equipment utilization rate
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