Campus Security

Smart campus follows the same principles of a smart city on a smaller scale. Campus administrators have similar concerns and challenges in managing a large area of physical assets and people.

In the last few years, safety and security of students and faculty have been a major concern as a result of many mass shootings in schools and next-generation technologies have helped.

For instance, IvedaAI’s face recognition and weapon detection functions when used with existing video surveillance are powerful tools in detection of a person on a school’s blacklist, carrying a weapon.

Security is just one aspect of a smart campus. IoT sensors and devices can improve mobility throughout the campus for people and vehicles. Practical applications using a smartphone include:

  • Finding a missing vehicle or bicycle using a smart tracking sensor
  • Finding vacant parking space using a smart mat sensor
  • Avoiding crowds in certain areas of the campus (e.g., cafeteria, exercise room) and plan students’ or employees’ day better for more efficient use of their time. This can be implemented by using tracking sensor on student or employee badges
  • Directing people to a certain area of the campus in case of emergencies
  • Notifying campus administrators of flooding by using water sensors and automatic valve shutoff
  • Knowing where people are to adjust HVAC, lighting and other services
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