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The business of physical security just got smarter. American Security & Investigations, a long time provider of security guards for businesses nationwide, announces a partnership today with Iveda Solutions, a Mesa, Arizona based video surveillance company. The partnership allows American Security to offer real time camera surveillance over the Internet, complete with remote access to cameras worldwide.

The new offering enhances American Security’s capabilities for security program development throughout the country.

“This is the direction security is headed and we’re proud to be at the forefront,” says Steven J. Klein, President and COO of American Security. “Right now you have to buy proprietary software for video surveillance. In most cases it runs through an existing closed-circuit television system so multiple agencies can’t tap into it. With this partnership, Iveda Solutions’ data center hosts the video, allowing enough bandwidth for multiple users to access a single camera or many cameras simultaneously. It’s secure, it’s smart and it’s going to help businesses protect their assets more efficiently.”

Rising concerns in security program management have generated the need to upgrade security systems and asset protection procedures, increasing the use of surveillance cameras in businesses. This service provides instant verification of a theft in progress, voice over audio warnings, and live communication with law enforcement.

“This is one way for businesses to understand the need to bridge the gap between physical security and information technology,” says David Ly, President and CEO of Iveda Solutions. “Our collective vision is to enable and empower stronger, more integrated security systems.”

The collaboration between American Security and Iveda Solutions brings new meaning to the growing trend of physical security and IT convergence.

Physical access and logical access technologies have traditionally existed in parallel worlds. Physical access technologies, such as building security systems and employee access cards, are controlled by the corporate security department. Application passwords and firewalls are the domain of the IT department. But that’s changing. Physical and logical security technologies are beginning to converge, creating new opportunities for organizations to strengthen and gain greater control over security.

The joint effort will operate under the identity “American Security, powered by Iveda Solutions.” For more information, go to or

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