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We specialize in AI technologies and real-world applications that improve quality of life and safety worldwide.

A Specialist in Digital Transformation

Since 2005, Iveda has been offering cloud video surveillance technologies to service providers. Today, Iveda is at the forefront of digital transformation of many cities across the globe. We now provide IoT platforms and devices to service providers for smart home and smart city solutions.


Intelligent Video Search Technology


IvedaAI™ uses deep learning technology for advanced AI Video Search.


IoT Trackers and Sensors Platfform


IvedaPinpoint centrally manages Bluetooth IoT trackers and sensors and display them on a map for exact location.


IP Cameras, NVRs, LAN Switches


We source our own cameras, NVRs, and accessories from manufacturers in Taiwan based on customer specification.


Utilizes all our technologies


Citywide, Large-Scale, Complex Smart City Deployments, Made Simple and Cost Effective with IvedaAI and IoT Platform

A publicly traded company under the stock symbol IVDA

Iveda received its SAFETY Act Designation in 2009 and Certification in 2016 from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology Provider. Since then, Iveda has been placed on the Approved Products Lists for Homeland Security.



Airport Surveillance

Passenger safety, object detection and preventative security.

Smart City Tracking

Vehicle location and tracking its movements with next-step prediction.

Traffic Management

Live vehicle counting and traffic flow management. Reduce congestion.

Public Health

Temperature detection, Social distancing and mask detection. Over-capacity alert.


Security and efficiency for students, teacher and administrators. Keep out troublemakers Auto attendance checking.

Hospitals/Medical Facilities

Innovating the art of Artificial Intelligence to enhance hospital security. Asset tracking.

Situational Awareness

Video analytics for increasing situational awareness in different environments. Abnormal behavior.


Video Analytics for Proactive Protection with on-time prevention and deterrence. Product and people flow. Marketing data.

Our Core Competencies

Today, Iveda is at the forefront of digital transformation of many cities across the globe with several of our advanced technologies in AI and Cloud Computing sector.

What Our Customers Say

“We have several surveillance AI vendors offering and providing proof of concept but IvedaAI is the most effective, easy to use and very much cost effective. “AI applied to our existing surveillance system is an essential solution to improve our safety and security monitoring.”
James Lao, Director of Caloocan City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO)

“We are fortunate to partner with Iveda to provide PLDT, one of our most important customers, an innovative cloud video monitoring solution for their millions of subscribers. “Iveda’s Sentir platform leverages PLDT’s scale and subscriber base and are quickly working to drive adoption.”

Lino Barte, CEO of Filcomserve

“We are transforming one city at a time into “smart cities” and Iveda has provided us the best technologies that actually work, and our cities can afford.”

Lino Barte, CEO of Filcomserve

“This is more than just a new product offering. This is a new business plan initiative that our regional sales offices in Vietnam are incentivized and mandated to implement as a significant source of new revenue. VNPT is very excited about this new offering and its ease of distribution to our customers.”

An Tang, Vice Director of the Strategy Board of VNPT

“The Safe City projects implemented by VNPT are moving from the consultancy phase to the construction and implementation phase. Therefore, we will have many opportunities to deploy solutions for the provinces.”

Đặng Thanh Hưng, a representative from the Smart City Lab of VNPT

“Every day, 10,000 Americans turn 65 and 90% of them will prefer to age at home. Baby boomers are projected to have 70% of all U.S. disposable income over the next five years, and will inherit about $15 trillion in the next 20 years. With Iveda’s industry-leading IoT devices and People Power’s advanced AI technology, we will deliver valuable senior care services that send alerts when emergency situations such as falls are detected, with the ability to monitor sleep quality and medication adherence, and to connect seniors with family and friends to reduce loneliness and improve quality of life.”

Gene Wang, CEO and Cofounder of People Power

“M-Power International takes great pride in bringing value to the many tribal communities across the country. Being from Utqiaġvik, AK, formerly known as Barrow, AK, we are excited to further our engagements with the many communities throughout Alaska. The timing couldn’t be better to align with the team at Iveda. They play a vital role in addressing the growing demand from our partners and clients for best-in-class innovative and disruptive technologies in critical infrastructure.”

Martin Glastetter, Jr, CEO of Nunaka Technology and co-founder and President of M-Power International

“The Federation delivers technology, information and analysis from six different companies, fused together as a service. We’re breaking new ground in the security industry—and are excited to be extending the reach of potentially life-saving security information and services to a full spectrum of large, mid-sized and small companies, and even individual customers.”

Robert Dodge, Senior Vice President of Pinkerton

“There is no better time for the introduction of IvedaAI into South Africa, to help police and the private security industry to enhance and improve the security and safety of all South Africans. Our intention is to work with the police, local municipalities and private security companies to share information and provide support.”

Terry Billson, Managing Director of AXIOM

Latest News


IvedaAI™ is the industry’s first deep-learning-based video search technology. IvedaAI is pre-packaged in a high-performance server with built-in artificial intelligence software and GPU, optimized for fast and accurate video search.

The IvedaAI engine has been trained to search for a combination of objects (100+ types), including color and quantity of each, for a more focused result.

IvedaAI is a breakthrough solution to the video surveillance industry’s chronic weakness – searching video from hours of big video data, like finding a needle in a haystack. Using live streaming video, recorded video, or an uploaded video file, IvedaAI works in the background and generates search results based on pre-set criteria, within seconds.

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