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Enabling service providers with IoT, Video Intelligence and Smart City technologies • IvedaAI Intelligent Video Search Technology
• IoT Platform – Smart Home and Smart City
• Sentir Cloud Video Hosting Platform
Intelligent Video Search Technology • Video Search and AI Analytics Platform
• Built-in Deep Learning Engines
• Real-Time Notifications and Alerts
• Supports Existing Surveillance System

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Smart Home and Security • Energy Savings
• Life Conveniences
• Elderly Care
• Safety & Security

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IoT Iveda is paving the way for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
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Smart City Iveda facilitates the digital transformation of cities into smart cities, globally
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Iveda hands you a
fully-packaged Sentir cloud
video surveillance platform,
ready for bundling with your
current offerings to your
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Iveda received its SAFETY Act Designation in 2009 and Certification in 2016 from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology Provider. Since then, Iveda has been placed on the ìApproved Products Lists for Homeland Security"
Cloud Video Surveillance, Intelligent Video Search, and IoT Platforms for Service Providers

Since 2005, Iveda has been offering cloud video surveillance technologies to service providers. Today, Iveda is at the forefront of digital transformation of many cities across the globe. We now provide an IoT platform to service providers for smart home and smart city solutions. 

Iveda also enables service providers a plug-and-play cloud video surveillance and intelligent video search technology with our Sentir® and IvedaAI™ platforms.

Iveda Makes It on the List of the Top 25 Industry Players in Video Surveillance and Storage Market

Iveda Pens a Reselling Agreement with Nunaka Technologies, $700K Initial Order

Iveda Announces Location-based Service for Asset Tracking and Body Temperature Monitoring for COVID-19 Detection

Iveda Announces Sid Sung as New President

Iveda and People Power Announce IoT Collaboration for Senior Care


IvedaAI is the industry’s first deep-learning-based video search technology. IvedaAI is pre-packaged in a high-performance server with built-in artificial intelligence software and GPU, optimized for fast and accurate video search.

The IvedaAI engine has been trained to search for a combination of objects (100+ types), including color and quantity of each, for a more focused result.

IvedaAI is a breakthrough solution to the video surveillance industry’s chronic weakness – searching video from hours of big video data, like finding a needle in a haystack. Using live streaming video, recorded video, or an uploaded video file, IvedaAI works in the background and generates search results based on pre-set criteria, within seconds.

    Iveda's Core Competencies
    Digital Transformation

    Providing day-to-day tools in an increasingly digital world

    Deep Learning

    Achieving 95% accuracy in searching video using AI-based technology

    Intelligent Mobility

    Moving people and goods around in an easier, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly way

    Edge Computing

    Providing on-premise smart gateways and AI appliances to enhance network and cloud computing resources